About the Diversity Charter

We care about diversity of conferences and events because we want them to be better for everyone.
Sign the diversity charter to show that you care too.

All too often we see conference and event lineups full of the same or similar people, we don’t want that anymore. We want diversity.

Diversity refers to a wide range of visible and non-visible characteristics; it’s about valuing variety, welcoming a range of backgrounds and opinions and embracing the benefits that differences bring. We believe that a diverse set of people on stage and in audiences will improve events and will ultimately change the industries they represent for the better.

We know that it takes more effort to increase diversity at events and we will show our commitment to making that happen by signing this charter.

This charter is for event organisers, speakers, individuals, employers, sponsors and venues. By signing this charter, you are committing to highlighting where there is a lack of diversity at events and doing what you can to make things better.

Event organisers

You can make better events for your participants by working harder to create a more inclusive environment. By signing this charter, you are committing to seeking ways to create better events by increasing the diversity of the people on stage as well as in the audience. You can use these ideas to help you. Once you sign the charter, you’ll get a logo to add your website to show your commitment to everyone.

Event speakers, individuals, employers, sponsors and venues

Influence diversity at conferences by being mindful of who is speaking and what the conference is doing to promote diversity. By signing this charter, you are committing to encouraging event organisers to consider making events diverse, highlighting when they aren’t and helping where you can.


Choose not to speak at events that will not commit to creating diverse events.


Choose not to attend and/or fund events that will not commit to creating diverse events.


Choose to not send employees to as audience members, speakers or panel members to events that will not commit to creating diverse events.


Choose not to fund events that will not commit to creating diverse events. You make sure you have a diverse range of people representing your organisation at events you sponsor.


Work with event organisers to ensure you are meeting diverse needs. Choose to not host events that will not commit to creating diverse events.


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Shahina Patel



Continue to encourage and seek out speakers for our conference that are diverse and who may be otherwise underrepresented in our industry.

Sabrita Dale



David Anderson


Liberty IT

I will encourage a wider range of people in my org to speak at , facilitate and explore more diverse events & topics.

Rajesh Mathur


Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne

What will you do to make things better?
Will? We 'do' it! Both Australian Testing Days 2016 and the upcoming Quality Software Australia 2017 conferences are focused on fairness. TEAM (Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne) takes diversity seriously.

Bernie J Mitchell


OuiShare.net / Engaging People

To continue to practice diversity in podcast guests and event panels / speakers 😉

michi tyson


agile attitude

great and very important initiative - diversity is about more than filling the female / disability quota, it's about leveraging what every single person can bring to the table. to do that successfully, we need to learn how to embrace, enable and manage the resulting conflict!




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