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Thank you for showing your commitment to diversity at events, now it’s up to you to make a difference by making a stand and challenging where others won’t.

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I signed the diversity charter to show my commitment to greater diversity at events. Sign up at #betterdiversity

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Ed Wong



Having originally signed the Charter some time ago, I'm re-signing to reaffirm LAST Conference Melbourne's commitment to enhancing diversity. I also want to register that the other events that Tabar runs (1st Conference and Spark the Change Melbourne) as well as those in the future, also share the values of the Diversity Charter.

Regarding the other editions of LAST Conference in Australia (currently Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra), Tabar supports the local organisers and helps them find ways to enhance diversity and to reflect the communities that they serve.

Brian Durkin


World IA Day

Colours LGBTQ+ Society


Colours LGBTQ+ Society

We will forever and always pursue a world whereby everyone is commended on merit from equal opportunity rather than who they are or where they come from.

Safia cragg


YMCA Bedfordshire

Brigitte Frain



Tom Geraghty

Rob Marsh


YMCA West Kent

We strive for greater diversity of staff, volunteers and clients. See

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