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Thank you for showing your commitment to diversity at events, now it’s up to you to make a difference by making a stand and challenging where others won’t.

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I signed the diversity charter to show my commitment to greater diversity at events. Sign up at #betterdiversity

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Katie Roberts



Tabitha Goldstaub



Putting diversity at the core of CogX

Diana Walsh



voxgig is committed to making the events industry more inclusive and diverse. To achieve it, we promote diversity, professionalism and inclusion in public speaking and events by curating a newsletter, writing blog post, and organising meetups and conferences such as World Speech Day Ireland.

We also offer workshops aimed to encourage more voices to gain confidence and speak in public. We believe when a person gains the courage and confidence to express their point of view, on and off stage, things start to change. More and more people will stand up for themselves and for others; less injustices will be tolerated. Our voice is a powerful tool for change. Let's make it heard.

Jessie Williams


The GroundSwell Project

We're curating an international conference in 2019 and are committed to gender and cultural diversity in our speakers and audience

Sue McQueen



Sharing this information with event organisers and speakers

Ben Nichols

Mazdak Abtin


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