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Thank you for showing your commitment to diversity at events, now it’s up to you to make a difference by making a stand and challenging where others won’t.

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I signed the diversity charter to show my commitment to greater diversity at events. Sign up at #betterdiversity

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Marcus Noble



Rich Douglas



stuart jackson


ICE Creates

We are working in a number of area across the country to engage our partners and our work force in recognising, celebrating and promoting difference and diversity through work place charters, wellbeing and open exchanges of beliefs, aspiration and traditions, we call this "makebetterhappen"

Debbie Street



I will only speak at/attend events where contribution is from a diverse group

Monica Peters

From: LLC

I am Onkwehonwe female working in the tech industry for 25+ years. I will continue doing all I can to respect all of creation - right now alot of people need more folks to acknowledge the bias as a place to start. I will continue acknowledging the biases even while I may not personally experience negative impacts from the bias. I will continue supporting, promoting, creating and cheerleading for diversity in the tech industry.

Bob Galen


Program Chair at TechWell conferences

I am committed to, along with my program team, of crafting programs and inviting/selecting speakers that represent as much diversity as possible. But beyond the program part, I want to help mentor & guide folks into becoming better and more comfortable with public speaking. I view this not as a goal, but as a journey that will take energy, effort, and focus. Please hold me to count on my journey and help me as well...

Lizz Noonan



I am working on inclusion programs, including events, at Mozilla. And I volunteer with four organizations who are specifically committed to public good and/or diversity in tech.

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