Sample emails

It’s not always easy to find the right words to ask conference organisers about diversity at their events. To make it simpler, we have created some templates that you can use.

These templates help you draw attention to the value of diversity, in a non-confrontational and friendly way. We believe that not all conference organisers realise that when don’t have a diverse conference. This is your chance highlight the value that diversity has in making events better.

We currently have emails samples for (potential) speakers to conference organisers available, if these are popular then we’ll make some more.

Please let us know if they work

We want to know if these emails templates are working or if we need to make changes. If you use the templates please let us know how well they worked for you, using this form.

A (potential) speaker to a conference or event organiser

Please use one of the options below, or feel free to use any elements of any of them to create your own email

If they respond positively to your first email, you can ask then ask them to:

Subject: Chat about diversity at your event


[Greeting / Introduction]

As a speaker, it’s important for me to ensure I’m part of a diverse event panel.

A diverse group of speakers can expose the audience to a broad spectrum of ideas and opinions, leading to better thinking and ultimately, a better event.

I wondered if you could quickly run through your code of conduct and, or policy on ensuring diversity, with me?

There’s also a diversity charter you can sign at – it’s a great way to bring people together!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,


[Greeting / Introduction]

I’d like to chat to you about your code of conduct and policy on ensuring diversity.

As a speaker myself, I’ve seen the benefit that a diverse set of people on stage brings to an event. Valuing variety leads to better thinking, better events and changes to the industries they represent.

Let’s work together to embrace the benefit that differences bring with a Diversity Charter. You can sign it here

Looking forward to discussing this further,


[Greeting / Introduction]

I wondered whether you have a code of conduct and diversity policy I could have a quick read of?

I’m keen to speak at events that are committed to diversity – when industries are diversely represented, it leads to better events for everyone.

Signing a diversity charter is a quick and simple way to show you’re committed to creating diverse events. There’s one you can sign here

I’m looking forward to discussing this further and hearing what you think

Many thanks to Crocstar for help with these templates.