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Vicky Lomax


Rochdale Development Agency

Involve a diverse amount of volunteers in events

Nick Duggan


Deeper Work

We care deeply about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and are committed to being an active allies and advocates for people from all marginalized and underrepresented communities. We commit to demonstrating this dedication by standing up for inclusion at any events we produce, speak at, sponsor, or take part in.

Lucy Lawlor


Working Knowledge

We are committed to promoting diversity within our business and implementing good practices to lead by example.

Miriam Ceballos



As a representative of SUPERNOVA DMC, I am committed to promoting diversity in all the events we organize. We firmly believe that diversity enriches our experiences, promotes inclusion, and fosters an environment of mutual respect. We are committed to ensuring that our events reflect the diversity of our community and actively working to amplify underrepresented voices. Together, we can build a more inclusive and equitable future for all of us.

Lena Schwarz


Advanced Industries Packaging Group

Advanced Industries Packaging is the second largest European paper sacks manufacturer. As part of our sustainability strategy we foster diversity at all our 11 locations, enhancing the gender and age balance, recruiting and promoting Staff Members from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. This is an important facet of our corporate culture. It is no less important to promote diversity at events and fora, so that participant can benefit from different views and perspectives.

Jorge Usatorres

Erin Davies



Keeley Anthony


One Way or Another Ltd

We are an ex forces and diversity recruitment agency across the UK. We take pride in being a recruitment agency that goes beyond the norm. Our mission is to challenge existing barriers and create pathways for candidates who have served in the armed forces or who come from underrepresented communities.

We believe in promoting diversity and inclusion by presenting candidates based on their ability to make a genuine business impact, rather than their background or physical abilities. Our goal is to provide our clients with a diverse and inclusive work environment, which in turn benefits their businesses.

Our aim is to help businesses unlock the untapped potential of niche talent, while also supporting our candidates in building a fulfilling career and leading their best lives.

Guillaume Horn



Lee Draminski



Vectorworks has a DEI committee and initiative to improve efforts within our company, partners, customers and community. We strongly support DEI efforts within the industries and communities we serve and live.

Floor Drees


Devopsdays Amsterdam, Devopsdays Eindhoven

Neil Scott


UX Glasgow

UX Glasgow Manifesto:

People make UX Glasgow. These are the things that are important to us as user centred designers:

1. We design solutions to real problems for the benefit of all, not just a few.
2. We demand sustainability first. We design for the planet as much as the user, and consider the local and global impact of our decisions.
3. We believe in removing barriers both as professionals and as a community. We don’t disable people through our designs, and we ensure the outputs from our community are accessible to all.
4. We believe in equality, empathy, and equity. We are open to all and everyone’s voice is included.
5. We understand that technology is a tool that can be used for good or bad. We want to do good.
6. We acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers – so we listen to people and consider the implications of our actions before crafting a solution.

Lian Li


kuberoke, devopsdays, serverlessdays

Yvo van Doorn


Stichting DevOps Foundation

Monisha Shivdasani



Thomas Krag



In the meetups and conferences I organise we actively aim for a diverse group of both organisers and speakers. We realise the difficulty but don't use that as an excuse not to do something to improve.

Esther Yarnold


University of the West of England, Bristol

Beth Walker


Hack and Craft

Harry McCarney


Hack and Craft

Heidi Berry


Craft Coop CIC

Although we are a very female-dominated organisation, we pride ourselves on Equity over Equality for all.

Katrin Wellmann

We are paying attention to creating more diverse formats (e.g. organizing non-conferences like Barcamps) - and we are inviting people from all sorts of backgrounds to contribute, not just the same "experts" who are given a voice everywhere already anyhow...

roger ward


Marsh Surveyors (UK) Ltd

Naushine Mohammad


Oliver Bernard

Jennifer Weiner

I try to ensure to learn more about my prejudices, finding ways to support black and other melinated voices, accept advice/criticism when I get it wrong, using diverse photos in my marketing, and anything else I can find.

Nazlie Shahmir



Pankaj Kamthan


Concordia University

Teach Topics with Motivating Examples on Diversity
Support Diversity of Members in Team Projects
Publish Papers Advocating Diversity

John Clopton

Guy Brandon



Sinead Jack


Gem Cable Solutions Ltd

Sharon Vincuilla


human canine collaborative

I am committed to creating more inclusive environments by:
- providing low-cost and sliding scale options for my services
- educating myself about systemic racism in formal and informal ways
- developing services that are relevant and accessible to diverse communities
- implementing a non-tolerance policy within my services for behavior that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, bullying, dominant, punitive, or otherwise hateful or harmful
- establishing an ongoing lifestyle practice of consent to reduce harm and increase accountability in how I interact with others
- designing services the include closed captioning, recording, sensory adjustments, and by creating clear and welcome procedures for requesting accommodations
- openly acknowledging the power dynamic between myself and others to empower participants to say "no" to me
- including an accountability page on my website to make it easy for people to give me feedback and address harm
- engaging in formal diversity/equity/inclusion/justice business building
- partnering with diverse professionals who share my values for public events and projects

Ross Musgrove



We're working with local organisations - including You Make It ( and Hackney Council to help local people from varied backgrounds of all ages with employability. Our first full time permanent employee is a person that worked with us through You Make It's work placement programme. We're also in the process of starting our own digital skills development programme, working with local people that want experience in our industry to deliver a project for Hackney Empire.

Midnyte City


Midnyte City

Midnyte City is committed to the improvement of diversity at events, to enable change in the technology industry for the better. Creating safe and inclusive spaces allows greater opportunity and enchiches culture for all who participate and attend.

Midnyte City is dedicated to the evolution of technology culture. We see a vibrant industry where all voices, regardless of race, gender, social class or sexual orientation, weave together in the common pursuit of better technology.

“The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.” Our imperative is to continually inspire raising that standard across the industry.

Udo Lembke

Dirk Deimeke

Jemima Gibbons


Design Club

We've used your code of conduct template as the basis for our community guidelines - covering both on and offline spaces. Thanks so much 🙂

Sian Conway-Wood


181st Street Ltd

As regular event speakers, we will ensure that we find out what the event organisers are doing to bring a diverse set of people to the stage and audience before we commit to speaking. We will work with our clients when they are planning events to promote diversity. As an employer, we will not send our staff to events that haven't committed to diversity.

Melinda T.S.


LAB: Ludar Animal Behavior & Consulting

Amplifying diverse peoples and mutual aid

Jennifer Riggins



hafsa zulfiqar

Inspire minority women in the States to become aspiring change agents.

Cassandra Banks



VeeamON is a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where all community members and event attendees feel valued and respected.

Bebe Adams


The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

Hello, we are a not for profit committed to diversity and foregrounding Aboriginal First Nations wisdom. Our manifesto is to place people at the heart of everything we do, so that equity and access to better systems and policies will enable all Australian's to lead better lives. Read more at

Florian Scholz


Open Web Docs

Open Web Docs supports web platform documentation for the benefit of web developers & designers worldwide. We intend to emphasize diversity and inclusion across all our efforts including project contributions, community organization, tech events, and resource allocation.

Dan McAllister



Stuart Taylor


Pollinator Social Innovation

As Founder and Principal Consultant at Pollinator Social Innovation (PSI), a boutique EDI&B, Innovation, Leadership & Organisational Development and Service design Consultancy, I am 100% committed to the diversity agenda. Personally, I consider myself a Decolonial Activist and therefore diversity champion. This stance informs all of the work I do within and beyond PSI. So, regarding the Diversity Charter, I pledge to utilise and deploy as many of the pro forma recommendations provided by the Charter in PSIs direct work and to recommend to ALL our clients that they too, proactively engage with the Charter, adopt it and champion it through their professional and social networks. Change is possible. Hope is power. Action is where change lands. A luta continua!...

Rachelle Harvey


Infosys Consulting

Encouraging psychological safety, inclusion, and demonstrating from my own transgender journey that anything is possible and helping all I encounter to build self and to realise their value. I am also on the board / panel for diversity and inclusion at Infosys Consulting.

Toby V. Rao


Tora Solutions LLC

Diversity and Inclusion should not be a question of choice. It should be a given. But it is seldom that way. As a community organizer, speaker, trainer, and coach I will do everything in my capacity to withhold the values of Diversity and Inclusion!

David Kinsella



Nurturing diversity, nurtures progress. Denying diversity leads to progress atrophy, and society is forever poorer for the denial.
Respect everyone for their goodness and uniqueness, and challenge everyone to be their best selves - for others.

Sabine Harnau


From Scratch Communications

As a speaker, I will approach each event with a mindset of humble enquiry about the speaker community and the topics presented: who's present, who's absent? Knowing that some forms of diversity may be invisible, I will raise the topic and invite others to think about potential barriers for underprivileged speakers.

Dan Ashby

Joan-Llorenç ALBA


Valuo Desarrollo

I facilitate teams and business to achieve the best products ever. Not only the results but how we get there is relevant. In this endeavour, we all discover and learn from other team members, and grow personally as well as in our relationship being a team.
I founded and learnt working with people the need to have very diverse people, roles and cultures in the team. Many years working in multicultural environments like United Nations, have provided me the essence to be a diversity agent.

Anneke Schoonjans



We have a values page on our website where we post all our efforts and we continuesly try to improve.

George F. Simons



We deliver games on culture, diversity and inclusion and are conducting regular online open gamified meetings as well as conference events that discuss diversity and cultural issues and connect people for collaboration and synergy.



DevOpsDays Zürich

At DevOpsDays Zürich we don't want to be a tech-Conference only -- instead we want to be a conference focusing on knowledge, networking and a connecting atmospheric vibe, welcoming a range of backgrounds, experiences and opinions. We dedicate a considerable amount of time and passion to improve continuously and are happy to welcome you at the conference and see for yourself.

Carola Frisch


Frisch Search

I champion diversity and inclusion through Modern Leadership – a platform I have created to build a community of progressively minded established and emerging leaders and leadership experts.
Modern Leadership is teaching us how leadership is changing, recognising the growing importance of human values-led leadership, especially with regard to diversity and inclusion, sustainability, social justice, workplace change and business transformation.

Angela Chen



Having been bullied viciously for my race when I was in high school by white teachers and students, I am keen to do my part to stop racism and bullying. Solidarity with the BAME community.

Ingrid Astiz


Wise Work

Aaron Gustafson



I actively work to create opportunities for diverse voices at conferences, in publications, etc.

Laura Gibson


The Institute of Association Leadership

The Institute of Association Leadership is the professional community for current and future chief executives and c-suite professionals who lead within the unique environment of the membership sector.

Since its reemergence the IAL, now a Community Interest Company, has worked to advance its mission. Refocused on the elevation of association leaders, the IAL is committed to helping members to be the professionals capable of advancing society.

Our four core values are Community, Inclusivity, Professionalism and Development. Of course, as an organisation, we can do more. We will look to develop clear and meaningful policies and a code of conduct to ensure that we continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion in all that we do for our community, not just via our events.

Laura Gibson


Consort Strategy

As a socially responsible business, our focus is on supporting people, planet and prosperity; and through a variety of methods, we work with individuals and organisations in defining, developing and delivering high-impact leadership practices that inform innovative business ideas, generate economic success, and add value to communities.

Of course, as a company, we can do more. We will look to develop clear and meaningful policies and a code of conduct to ensure that we continue to advocate for diversity and inclusion in all that we do, not just our events.

Taz Brown




Anna Shevchenko


Hello Emily,

My name is Anna, I am applying on the behalf of We're engaged in tech events organization.
These are global events, thus, we have both speakers and attendees from various countries.
We highly support diversity and are eager to increase it at our events.

Vinod Gopinath


Pari Consulting

Aaron Polmeer


DigiMarCon, LLC

DigiMarCon follows a Code of Conduct for all our events in order to create the best experience possible for all attendees. DigiMarCon also supports the Diversity Charter, a commitment to our best faith effort to make all our events diverse.

Jordann Gross


The Cultivators

As a white male use that 'default status' for good and speak up to create awareness and change. 🙂

Matty Caine


First Person Project C.I.C

First Person Project is a not-for-profit community interest company.

We believe in socially progressive mental health

We provide mental health action support.

Our mission is to develop and embed a horizontal community network across the Liverpool City Region to improve mental health as a positive mediator of socially progressive change.

Our vision to support the development of a self-sustaining, creative and socially innovative community approach to mental health action.

We progress beyond mental health awareness to generate high impacting social value.

We act as a thought catalyst, creating a safe environment where peoples’ minds can be challenged, inspiring disruptive change to occur.

Nat Caraman



Jan Fischbach

Dan Maby


Big Orange Heart

Big Orange Heart has a mission to support and promote positive well-being and mental health within the remote working communities.

We are an equal opportunity charity taking into account the diversity within our workforce, volunteers and service users.

We believe that everyone should be treated equally, regardless of their religion, beliefs, age, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristics.

Jeremy Shepherd


Brown-Forman UK

We will continue building on our inclusive culture that values diversity and encourages trust, openness, and mutual support so that our employees can bring their best self to work.

We will build high-performing teams comprised of diverse skills, cultures and experiences.

We will demonstrate diversity and inclusion leadership across our business and be recognised internally and externally as one of the best places to work.

We will also show our commitment to diversity at events through partnerships and advocacy.

Tushar Sahoo


GEC Media Group LLC

203 G2 Circular Building
Dubai Production City

Agile France


Agile France

Agile France funds and supports community, agile, French-speaking events in several ways.
Since 2016, we offer scholarships for underrepresented participants to supported events.
Since 2018, we have added to our conditions for supporting events a commitment to diversity.
We are currently trialling a diversity measurement survey so that we can track the impact of initiatives we set up to increase diversity.

Sohrab Salimi


Scrum Academy GmbH

Rachel Liu


Inclusive Pioneers

Evelien Roos



Organize an including conference (Women in Agile Europe).

Andrea Weaver


NextGen America

Harry Nieboer


Women in Agile Europe

We believe diverse connections lead to diverse solutions. Together, we can change the future of the workplace.

We strive to have a gathering which is safe for all genders to network, meet your future colleague, share knowledge and show your awesomeness.
In passion charged events, where personal safety is a core element. No mansplaining, gaslighting or tone police.

With our events we like to help build a European community of Women in Agile.

Lidia Timkovskaya-Zykova


WOW Humans! Women in Tech & LEAD Network Europe

I'm personally committed to driving true diversity and support women in becoming the most empowered versions of themselves in whatever they choose to do professionally!

I do this in my own work at and with my actions at Women in Tech and LEAD Network Europe

Eva Forné


Ninety consulting

Lindsay McKenna

António Joaquim de Albuquerque


Social Security Institute

Luke Reed


Tech Circus

We promise to try harder to make our events more diverse and inclusive

We will take the following actions:

- Aim to create racially diverse speaker lineups
- Aim to create gender-equal lineups at all conferences
- Create a series of charitable events around diversity and inclusion
- Create an open application process to encourage speakers to apply from outside of our network

Alex Cameron


Decarb Connect Ltd

We are an early stage business and want not only to ensure diversity in our b2b community, in our speakers and audiences, but also within our team. Our hiring strategy (for contractors and for full or part-time staff) focuses on competencies and skills and we welcome applications from entrepreneurial, smart and creative thinkers from all backgrounds.
Diversity isn't just a pledge - it is a requirement for ensuring that great decisions, innovative thinking and a wide range of ideas are built into the fabric of the business.

Елена Копылова



Barry A. Martin



Horacio Mayorca


Inversiones 650704 S.A.

We are living in an Exponential era. After Coronavirus and people understand more about exponentials and the effects of not taking the right decision at the right time. I would like to help organizations to expand their business strategic portfolio-landscape from Searching to Executing. The mindset is completely different in each extreme of the equation. I offer my view of living in Latin America.

Jennifer Riggins



I will continue to prioritize interviewing and considering the talks of under-represented minorities in tech.

Bozena Szluzy





H&R block

I’m going to bring up the topic and importance of diversity at social events as much as possible, inspiring people to recognise its benefits and support it.

Mrs Rachael Cassar


Seeking courage and being kind...

Venessa Paech and Alison Michalk


SWARM Conference

Swarm - Australia's national conference for community professionals - is committed to pursuing, protecting and defending diversity in programming and event experience.

We believe it is essential our event reflect both the diversity of our practice and the communities online and offline our presenters and attendees manage.

We believe a richer tapestry of voice and lived experience helps build a better world and a better future for everyone.

Debi Skea


humans of code



I want to participe, this is my contribution !

Steve McDougall



Yves Hanoulle



Since a few years, when I'm invited to speak at a conference, I ask the event organisers (or my network) for a local women that is knowledgeable on the topic. Together we co-create the talk and we pair-deliver these talks. The only exception is if I can give a talk with my children, which is another kind of diversity.
As lead coach for coderdojo Ghent, I created separate tickets for boys and girls. And now we have as much girls as boys that are programming in Scratch at coderdojo Ghent.


From: (Colombia)

At we believe in equality for all. We provide a friendly environment that is diverse and inclusive, as we work with music artists and individuals of all walks of life in the music industry. We value variety and promote respectful and harassment-free experiences for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs.
En, creemos en la equidad para todos. Facilitamos un ambiente amigable, diverso e incluyente, pues trabajamos con artistas en música y personas de todos los caminos de la vida en la industria musical. Valoramos la variedad y promovemos experiencias respetuosas y libres de acoso para todos, independientemente de su género, identidad y expresión de género, edad, orientación sexual, discapacidad, apariencia física, raza, etnia o creencias religiosas.

Michael Schuckers


Ottawa Hockey Analytics Conference

At our conference we will have a Code of Conduct and we will strive to have diversity in speakers and panelists.

Gabor Devenyi


Circles Events Pty Ltd

At all of our conference events we are aiming to achieve a balance of speakers, including gender, cultural, age and all other type of diversity.

Anneke Schoonjans


DDD Europe

We take into consideration accessibility.
We look into the needs of our participants and speakers.
We have a diverse line up.
We offer scholarships.
We have a Code of Conduct.
We have a quiet room.
We have gender-inclusive bathrooms.
We provide childcare.

Anneke Schoonjans


Full Stack Europe

We take into consideration accessibility.
We inform ourselves about the needs of our participants.
We have a diverse line up.
We offer scholarships.

Grace Pyne



At ENGINE we believe in a culture of inclusivity without categories or constraints, we celebrate difference and believe that diversity makes our business more relevant, our work more meaningful and our people more empowered – a culture where our business and our people thrive.

A few examples of steps we are taking:
• Our Brilliant Women network has been running for over 5 years delivering events and campaigns for our female client base.
• Panelists for our Women in Sport event in June 2019 signed up to take part under the proviso that the panel was inclusive and representative.
• In 2018, Engine and our Royal Air Force client won the Diversity in Advertising Award. Our LGBT+ network is committed to continuing this approach in making our client work more representative of the LGBT+ society.

Ultimately, we’re looking to be:
• Representative of population
• Diverse in thought
• Inclusive of all

Diane O'Lone


STMicroelectronics (R&D) Ltd

Nettie Williams


DfE Digital

At DfE Digital one of the ways we show our commitment to diversity and inclusion is to make sure our colleagues take part in events that represent the society we live in.


Lucia Joglar Ongay

Thanks for the initiative. This should become a must and there should be no more discussions about it. It has to become the norm and not be the exception. Thanks again

Maria Isidro

Matt Ahrens



We're providing free OpenZFS Developer Summit conference tickets to under-represented groups, offering a free attendee ticket to anyone who refers a speaker from an under-represented group, will reach out to individuals to help increase our speaker diversity, and are advertising these free tickets on websites like Women in Tech Fund. We also have a code of conduct in place for the event and community.

Adelina Andreea Turcu


C4media - InfoQ and QCon

QCon is dedicated to helping software developers who strive to bring innovation into their teams. Our commitment to empowering them is reflected in our inclusion and diversity initiatives. We hope to foster an inclusive environment within the software industry where everyone feels safe to express themselves and learn while facilitating access to technologies that create change and innovation.
Some OnSite Resources include:
- Subsidized child care
- Family room, prayer room, and quiet areas
- Gender-neutral bathroom with clear signage
- Voting boxes designed with color-blindness in mind
- Labels with food allergies (deconstructed menus) and cultural food preferences (ie. Halal)
- We organize Women & Allies in Tech Breakfasts

Lilian Hunt



EDIS is committed to continually delivering inclusive and diverse events.

Adelina Andreea Turcu


QCon Conferences

At QCon we have a “We Care” philosophy. We try to ensure our attendees, speakers, sponsors, and guests have the best conference experience possible. Here are some of our OnSite resources:
- Subsidized child care
- Family room, prayer room, and quiet areas
- Gender-neutral bathroom with clear signage
- Voting boxes designed with color-blindness in mind
- Labels with food allergies (deconstructed menus) and cultural food preferences (ie. Halal)
- We organized Women & Allies in Tech Breakfasts (Our more recent ones at QCon San Francisco 2018 sponsored by Netflix and QCon London 2019 sponsored by Facebook?)




We're working hard to make sure we'll become a diverse community of talents. Diversity is our ADN we promote in our internal and external events. Peace.

Richard Eskins


Web Teaching Day

Web Teaching Day is a small event for those teaching web design and development. We aim to respect and involve all voices either speaking or attending the event to ensure diversity.

Tarja Chydenius


Laurea UAS

Develop strategic Diversity management and inclusion at our University of Applied Sciences

Jessica Meade



Sadly race tends to be brushed under the carpet when it comes to diversity. Research proves that ethnic minorities, primarily from BME communities, are grossly under represented in most sectors. We aim to address this under representation, due to negative perceptions, by educating companies in the benefits of multicultural work-teams and by creating awareness. We do this through our events, business briefings and bespoke workshops. Talent has no bias and our BME cultural diversity expert practitioners, leading research academics and BME Network building Specialists are passionate about everyone having a fair chance and helping those with the least help. Thank you for this Charter. Contact us on

Jessica Brillhart


Vrai Pictures

We believe that the medium of immersive should be diverse and inclusive. We pledge to uphold this belief not only in practice ourselves but through all events, conferences, and festivals that invite us to participate.

jamie leonard



We're working hard to make sure our events have diverse speakers. It's a journey.

Gemma Edwards



Integrating Diversity charter and code of conduct to our Canalys events

Jonathan Flintham


Future Workshops

Ella Cox


Future Workshops Ltd

Rachel Lashford



The IT industry has a diversity deficit. Our audience of senior industry leaders reflects this. We are committed to making our event more diverse and inclusive and to help inspire change.

Lisa Wisniowski



We commit to seeking diversity both in the events we run and the events we attend. We'll strive to seek speakers who showcase diversity and venues that support attendance by meeting diverse needs.

Alan Ball


Southern Fried F#

We're working hard to make sure our budding community starts off on the correct foot.

Graeme McCubbin



Bharti Rupani

Sophie Arscot


Start Together Studio

I am interested in understanding and promoting Diversity within the music industry, live events, and recording/music production industry that I work in.

Loimar Vianna

Furkan Karayel


Gemma Al-Kaisy


Hargreaves Lansdown

Mahesh Krshnan

Steve Pereira and the DevOps Days Toronto Organizing Team


DevOps Ltd.

DevOps Days Toronto is committed to including diverse and underrepresented voices at our annual conference. We do our absolute best to reach out to communities, representatives and members of underrepresented demographics to include them and invite them to join us.

Each year we personally invite underrepresented voices to speak and submit talks to our CFP, as well as providing support and guidance to new voices in the form of CFP workshops and coaching.

Our organizing team and volunteers is carefully chosen to be diverse and inclusive, to ensure we have ideas and participation from a broad spectrum of experiences and backgrounds. We appoint a diversity, outreach and inclusion representative each year to hold us accountable to the highest standards.

We ensure our selected program reflects the diversity and representation we wish to see in our participants. We have a clear and strict code of conduct specifically acknowledged by all involved in the conference, whether they are organizing, speaking, attending or sponsoring.

In order to make as many participants feel welcome and comfortable we offer our speakers:
- Travel and accommodation support for out-of-town speakers
- Childcare or financial assistance that would help with the time obligation
- Free tickets for partners
- Speaker coaching available to assist with material, delivery or practice
- All meals, receptions and activities included at no cost
- Comfy, well equipped and quiet private speaker lounge
- Accessibility accommodations

We choose accessible and well equipped venues and work to ensure everyone who wishes to attend or speak can easily do so. We offer free tickets to underrepresented individuals to ensure everyone who wishes to attend can do so.

A portion of our proceeds is donated back to local Toronto diversity initiatives to support their efforts. We connect with diversity, equity and inclusive groups as community sponsors to share their work and presence with our audience.

We remain open to ideas and iteration on all of our efforts to continuously improve!

Sarah T. P. Andiel



We provide Debate Trainings to raise awareness for diversity

Monica Lavandera

Robb Lockwood


Atticus Hunter Ltd

Kylie Yearsley

Scott Seivwright


Very unlikely

Stacey Jenkins, M. Psych



Liz Hardwick



Wajiha Hassan



I want to contribute to this amazing platform by sharing something useful from the experiences and learning of my life.
I intent to be kind everyday to make this world a better place.

Cal Dempsey



Kevin Austin


Agile Scotland



Chengdu Sanwa East Asia Trading Company Ltd.

The topic of diversity management is firmly anchored as a strategic sustainability topic in our Corporate Principles with the emphasis on internationality, gender and age. For us it means appreciating all of our employees – with respect to both their differences and similarities.

Pat Lockley and Natalie Lafferty



PressED is a WordPress and education, pedagogy and research conference that's held on Twitter. It's an international conference that's open and free to attend.
People and teams anywhere in the world are able to submit a session on using WordPress in teaching, pedagogy and research and presenters can tweet in any language they wish. We invite and encourage participation from anyone and especially from people who may feel excluded or under-represented at educational conferences or in their professional life. Sessions from people who have never presented at conferences before are particularly welcomed including from students, non-academic members of staff as well as other staff members.

Jake Robson



We are an international publishing House producing publications primarily in the legal and finace sectors.

We have just joined the The Women in Finance Charter to promote equality and diversity in the sectors we serve.

Mark Stanley



Actively seek a diverse and inclusive mix of speakers for my events and as experts in my programmes.
Actively encourage other event/conference organisers to do likewise.
Recommend female speakers and speakers of colour whenever I am asked if I know anyone.

Adrian Howard



Julie Ragland


Rialto Theatre Foundation

I'm working with my local AFP chapter to further IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access) in our community!

Joelle Roux


Monte Financial

Making improvements to our team’s diversity to try and attract the right kind of staff and customers!

Gloria Hunter



Start making a difference to diversity at our internal events

Jo Ogilvie



Gerhard Zach

Barbara Ondrisek


Women And Code

We offer programming courses for women* in Vienna. With this initiative we are fostering diversity in IT jobs.

Alyssa P Wright

Rade Zivanovic

In my experience lack of diversity leds to one-sided, and I would argue also shortsighted views, decisions, culture, products... It might seem that including everyone is costly and takes time, but what is the cost of not doing so?

Simon Collison


Obvious Things Ltd

We run a large event in Nottingham, called New Adventures, returning in 2019 after a five-year hiatus. / @naconf.

As part of our increased commitment to inclusivity, we hope to reach a more diverse audience with each event. This time, we're encouraging applications for one of our diversity tickets. It is essential that we reach a more diverse audience.

We can and should encourage attendance from practitioners representative of minority groups under-represented in the industry. Offering diversity tickets is one way of demonstrating this commitment. We ourselves are providing thirty tickets, but we're actively seeking to offer more with ticket matching and sponsorship initiatives.

Misa Ogura


Women Driven Development

“To achieve equal representation within tech professionals, we must provide more opportunities for all gender minorities and leaders in tech to connect, to work together and discover talent first-hand.”

WDD brings gender minorities and leaders in tech together, to share knowledge, experiences and to create real connections, promoting sponsorship through hackathons, practical sessions and events.

Michele Playfair


YOW! Conferences

Platitudes are cheap. We’ve all heard services say they’re committed to “diversity” and “tolerance” without ever getting specific, so here’s our stance on it:

We welcome you.

More information on our policies and diversity efforts here:

We're not claiming to be perfect and we're making an effort to constantly improve, with the help of initiatives such as the Diversity Charter, and feedback from our community.

Jan-Christoph Borchardt


Open Source Diversity

I try to push representation and inclusion in the communities and conferences I’m involved in. I’m taking part in initiatives pushing diversity & inclusion, especially in the field of free & open source software. Whenever invited for an event or talk, I’m recommending relevant people from underrepresented groups to also be invited.

Ellen Ward and Máirín Murray


Tech for Good Dublin

Tech for Good Dublin is a group who believe in the power of technology to positively impact people, communities and the planet. We aim to be as inclusive as possible because diversity will make our group stronger and allow us to do more, hear more voices, learn more and reach more people. The Diversity Charter is a great resource and we are happy to sign it. Find out more about us on MeetUp or at

Sergio Alvarez-Suarez



Roger Oberg


RStudio, Inc.

The people we serve are global and diverse. We serve them better when we and our events are like them.

Paul Kendrick

Waker Mahmud


Enter Inventive Studio

Vicky Twomey-Lee


Coding Grace

We work on creating inclusive, diverse and friendly events, from workshops, meetups and larger events like conferences. When we collaborate with other organisations, events and conferences, we ensure that they are also committed in making sure it's diversity-friendly.

Gabrielle laing


Veterinary Policy Research Foundation

Encourage where possible diverse speaker lists that are compiled in a more systematic way then just who you can remember works in an area. Praise conferences on their diversity in line up and facilities provided to aid diversity.

Emma Thwaites



We advise all our clients to consider the diversity of panels, events and speaker line-ups before committing to attend and contribute to events. We call out non-diverse events and prepare and promote our diverse client group as speakers and participants. We are committed to employing a diverse workforce and screen our ads and processes for unintended bias.

Praveena Guduru

Together better!!!

Ivan Gonzalez Saiz


Elixir |> Asturias

Ben collier



Katie Roberts



Tabitha Goldstaub



Putting diversity at the core of CogX

Diana Walsh



voxgig is committed to making the events industry more inclusive and diverse. To achieve it, we promote diversity, professionalism and inclusion in public speaking and events by curating a newsletter, writing blog post, and organising meetups and conferences such as World Speech Day Ireland.

We also offer workshops aimed to encourage more voices to gain confidence and speak in public. We believe when a person gains the courage and confidence to express their point of view, on and off stage, things start to change. More and more people will stand up for themselves and for others; less injustices will be tolerated. Our voice is a powerful tool for change. Let's make it heard.

Jessie Williams


The GroundSwell Project

We're curating an international conference in 2019 and are committed to gender and cultural diversity in our speakers and audience

Sue McQueen



Sharing this information with event organisers and speakers

Ben Nichols

Mazdak Abtin


Ben Blaine



We run events and always stress the fact that we need more women, people of colour and other minorities to attend our events. We ask people who attend to reach out to people amongst the minorities that they know and send them a warm invite to come along to our events.

Claire Wood



Tim Willoughby


Ocean Media Group

Simon Middlemiss



Marco van Kimmenade

Ogundiran Al-Ameen

Point out the inclusion of underrepresented groups in events where they are overlooked .

Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi



Gergana Young

Mike Geyser

Programming is for everyone! I promise to do my part (as a speaker and organiser) to ensure that everyone feels welcome. <3

Andrew Morton

Lisa Crispin


Agile Testing Fellowship

I pair with newbie speakers, especially women, to give more people a chance to build confidence and reputation and get accepted at more conferences. I send lists of awesome women presenters to conference organizers. I don't go to non-diverse conferences.

Paul Brown


Lime Fish Limited

Head of Product in government

William Smith


Protect Security Management

We will be actively encouraging diversity throughout our workforce; promoting equality and ensuring all members of staff - irrespective of their background, ethnicity, religion and/or culture - are represented fairly. Protect will also be ensuring that we endeavour to recruit from ethnic minority communities and give everyone equal opportunities for progression within our company. We are a company for all, not just a few.

Leanne Page


The AI Talks

Have the charter be the foundation of how we organise and run our events in the tech industry.

Giorgio Natili


Droidcon Boston

Marcus Noble



Rich Douglas



stuart jackson


ICE Creates

We are working in a number of area across the country to engage our partners and our work force in recognising, celebrating and promoting difference and diversity through work place charters, wellbeing and open exchanges of beliefs, aspiration and traditions, we call this "makebetterhappen"

Debbie Street



I will only speak at/attend events where contribution is from a diverse group

Monica Peters

From: LLC

I am Onkwehonwe female working in the tech industry for 25+ years. I will continue doing all I can to respect all of creation - right now alot of people need more folks to acknowledge the bias as a place to start. I will continue acknowledging the biases even while I may not personally experience negative impacts from the bias. I will continue supporting, promoting, creating and cheerleading for diversity in the tech industry.

Bob Galen


Program Chair at TechWell conferences

I am committed to, along with my program team, of crafting programs and inviting/selecting speakers that represent as much diversity as possible. But beyond the program part, I want to help mentor & guide folks into becoming better and more comfortable with public speaking. I view this not as a goal, but as a journey that will take energy, effort, and focus. Please hold me to count on my journey and help me as well...

Lizz Noonan



I am working on inclusion programs, including events, at Mozilla. And I volunteer with four organizations who are specifically committed to public good and/or diversity in tech.

Javier Ramirez



As a frequent speaker at events, I have the opportunity to engage with organisers and point out when their line-ups could be better. I also can actively curate my slides and speeches to reduce biases. I am sure I can learn a lot about how to contribute better to diversity

Kim Knup

I run a local tester meet up and want to invite more under-represented voices to speak next year.
Were have had a reasonable diversity of speakers in the past 3 years, but I can do more by actively inviting more diverse speakers and being aware of diversity issues.

Anh N. Tran


International Women's Connection

We want to foster and empower women at work and facilitate an interdisciplinary platform to exchange, support and inspire each other.
Everyone from all genders (men are welcome, as well), from straight and LGBTIQ people, from 18 to 64+ ... is welcome to join our event.
We believe that the world looks much better in color!


Because we want…
…to see more diversity in society and in the workplace.
…women to be more visible and represented in leadership positions, executive boards and involved in decision-making processes to bring forward women-related matters.
…to support women to become even stronger and more connected.
…women to support and empower each other.

YOU want to help accomplish this goal?
Contact us, join the network or be an active member of the community.

Fran Casas

Alberto Calderón Queimadelos


Consul (

I need to learn more about diversity and how to improve it, at least around me at work and hobbies.

Mike Press


Open Change

We organise many events and we aspire to commit ourselves fully to diversity. Of course we can always do better and this charter provides a marker for us - not to mention some useful advice and a network to help us be the best we can be.

Chris Adams


AWMUG - the Amateur Wardley Mapping User Group

We care about diversity for our events, to the extent that in addition to following as many of the guidelines and pointers as we can here, we're committing to having at least a third of our attendees at our events coming from diverse backgrounds from now on.

Javier Gamarra

Iñaki Iglesias

Nick Tait



Pau Valiente


Ivan Gonzalez



We're an organization which aims for a more rich and diverse tech community, so we sign the charter to show our support for diversity at events.

Faye Savory


BearHugs Gifts Ltd

Jeffrey Coleman



Promote Diverse events / conferences, Encourage diverse panels when there aren't any, Elevate diverse talent to increase visibility so they're more likely to be invited to speak & participate, Carefully curate events I host to have diverse speakers / panels

Kunj Tiwari

I have been a part of a community which is multicultural and includes a fair mix of people from different backgrounds. Experiencing a new phase of my life. I have been advocating diversity throughout and now am a part of it, the beneficiary.
Hope it’s on ground as in words.
Lot to do.

John Carey

Where possible attend events and conferences that have signed the Diversity Charter.

Ed Wong



Having originally signed the Charter some time ago, I'm re-signing to reaffirm LAST Conference Melbourne's commitment to enhancing diversity. I also want to register that the other events that Tabar runs (1st Conference and Spark the Change Melbourne) as well as those in the future, also share the values of the Diversity Charter.

Regarding the other editions of LAST Conference in Australia (currently Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra), Tabar supports the local organisers and helps them find ways to enhance diversity and to reflect the communities that they serve.

Brian Durkin


World IA Day

Colours LGBTQ+ Society


Colours LGBTQ+ Society

We will forever and always pursue a world whereby everyone is commended on merit from equal opportunity rather than who they are or where they come from.

Safia cragg


YMCA Bedfordshire

Brigitte Frain



Tom Geraghty

Rob Marsh


YMCA West Kent

We strive for greater diversity of staff, volunteers and clients. See

Chandreyi Saha


Skyline Academy

At Skyline Academy, we do support digital diversity and inclusion and aim to minimise digital skills gap.

Jodie Houghton


Big Brand Ideas

Sabine Douglas


Beatroot Music

Cam Spilman



We've examined our hiring process to try to remove unconscious bias and address our lack of diversity. We've also asked for advice from our business community as to what we can do to continually improve.

Mark Goddard


We're still a brand new event. We've run 4 so far and are on to our 5th. Our first event was an experiment and we had 5 male mentors and 5 female mentees. We immediately knew this was not good and pushed to increase the diversity quickly. We have now redressed the balance . We also encourage diversity in the mentees that attend our event, but don't publish who attends.

Claire Isherwood


On the Beach

spencer depas

I would like to see more diversity in tech. I am considering starting a meet up that facilitates the teaching Android development. It would be geared towards women and minorities.

James Boardwell and Tom Walker


User Research North

Together we bring values from both BBC and Co-op such as equality, fairness and respect. We want to highlight the diverse, beautiful and unique facets of our community by providing a place where people are free from judgement, ideas can be challenged and differences in opinion are welcomed. We will do all we can to make sure our line up of speakers is diverse and from multiple disciplines from across the research spectrum.



I Am Tomorrow

We created an interactive festival for women in tech, business and beyond to connect, collaborate and learn better. I Am Tomorrow's mission to discover more female role models across the world and showcase women-led startups.

Jo Morfee


Liverpool Girl Geeks

As an event organiser, I commit to curating diverse panels and considering equal representation on stage when approaching speakers. As a Director of Liverpool Girl Geeks I am passionate about diversity and will continue to push this agenda forward through our platforms & networks. I also commit to speaking out when I see instances of a lack of diversity within event programmes (in a constructive manner).

The Event Team


UK Health Camp

We are working hard to support a diverse, open, and accessible event at UK Health Camp.

We know we won't bet everything right straight away, but as an event team we are open to and will embrace suggestions and feedback on how we can keep getting better.

[Signature by Matt Stibbs]

Diane Reddell



Doing reviews of venues I attend for work and social to make the general public aware of accessibility in these venues. Canvass lib dems on accessibility and review government policy to ensure accessibility is included. I have given presentations on why recruiting people with disabilities into the technology industry is beneficial for society and the recruiting organisations. I write blogs on diversity and I am a member of Northern Voices with encourages female speakers to speak in the media and at conferences and I am a member of the DWP Women in Technology group and the DWP Disability Network

Kate Spiliopoulos


Centre for London

These suggestions are standard practice at our organisation. I'm signing as I think they should be standard practice everywhere!

To other events organisers: It's important to acknowledge that it can be difficult to get internal buy-in for this type of commitment, especially in times of crisis. Know that you are right to commit to these practices, and by standing firm you are helping your organisation in the long term by increasing the quality of discussion at your events.

Niva Reitz


Slater and Gordon

We recognise, support and celebrate the diversity of our colleagues. As an organisation we aim to create an environment where the diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds of our people are valued and utilised. We foster an inclusive and supportive culture where our interactions with each other, and with our clients, are founded on mutual respect.

Kirsty Styles


Tech North

One of my pilot programmes at Tech North, Northern Voices, trained 28 women working in digital for public speaking and media opportunities, followed by six months helping them secure bookings.

The idea was to help these women use existing platforms to highlight the digital industry as an attractive option for more people, while eradicating ‘all-male panels’ and the business culture that implies they are acceptable.

By bringing together technical and non-technical women of all ages and backgrounds, I wanted to make it clear that you don’t have to be a ‘techie’ to be in tech. So far, the women have almost 200 appearances done or in the pipeline.

We were really pleased to see that diversity was one of the key challenges outlined in the government’s Digital Strategy, and the Minister of State for Digital Matt Hancock was so impressed with Northern Voices he attended one of the training days.

Calei Smith


NHS Digital

Veronica Fossa


WE Factory

Ruby Sinreich

Serving on the leadership team of the Drupal diversity and inclusion working group, trying to address similar issues in the open source Drupal community.

Malcolm Smith FRSA



Supporting Diversity and Inclusion for over 50s within Aviva

Leanne Page


Agile in Covent Garden

Have a diverse set of speakers, to support new comers on the speaker scene and to actively work with the people to drive ideas and create thought leadership in our events.

Ricardo Vercesi

I will always have a neutral stand. I believe I should defend the rights of every human being, regardless of gender, race, lifestyle, religion of political views - if they do not offend or attack others. Other from that I believe that being diverse means being all the same. One should not make a fuss about it and just live equally among everyone and everywhere. In order to fulfill my place in this world I have to be in peace with myself and others.

Emma Martin


Intermesh Creative

Rob Walters


Intermesh Creative

Oscar Menéndez García


alavistastudio s.l

Gurpreet Sehmi

Creating events that are diverse in all ways; inviting those who are comfortable or not so comfortable to speak in a comfortable and familiar environment.

Marina Vega

Enol Iglesias

Santiago Fernandez

Manuel Gómez

Iván González Sáiz

Michael May


// TODO London

We will try to follow the lead of events like agile on the bench and provider a diverse set of speakers each and every time we host an event. We will reach out to the under-represented parts of our community and try to give them a voice. We will not tolerate prejudice of any kind.

Javier Gamarra

Alejandro Fernández



Jemima Gibbons


Social Media Launch Pack

Benjamin Mosior

Combat structural inaccessibility of events. Improve representation of and hold space for underrepresented groups in speaking slots and audience attendance. Maintain a welcoming atmosphere and enforce codes of conduct.

Mark Dalgarno


London Agilists

Provide a safe space for all participants

Welcome first-time speakers

Provide a range of session formats - not just 'expert' talks

Provide a gender-balanced speaker programme.

Encourage and invite speakers from under-represented groups to speak / participate

Chris Rowe


Rehumanise LTD

Diversity shouldn't need to be promoted, but we're just not there yet. Until then, I'll be pushing for it whenever and wherever possible.

Emily Holweck


Öredev AB

- We relentlessly speak about diversity and at every state of the planning of the conference. From the conception of the web design, program committee, program, on social media, to the execution of the conference.
- We failed the years we made it a "side" discussion, we should never forget to always make the subject a main discussion.
- We should never believe "Diversity" is common sense, it isn't and a lot of people fight the idea back. We have to be pedagogic and able to explain why it is important.

Lorena Sutherland

Helen Mason


Open Minds Counselling Service Ltd.

Strive to ensure we consider accessibility and relevance to all of our events and information

Scott Hardy


Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Anne Richardson


Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Paul Holmes

Creating a welcoming environment for all, in the club that I run.

Kiran Patel


Tutor Collective

Sehinde Raji



I am from a BME background and I have had first hand experience of casual racism, flippant prejudice in job interviews when I looked for work last year. The workplace in the UK has changed it is a very hostile environment for BME people. My goal is to encourage us to work for ourselves and to support ourselves so that we do not have to endure the humiliation of traditional job interviews.

Open fsharp

David Bayliss

I just speak my mind lol. Even when it winds people up. I tend to be sceptical of "diversity" claims but after reading your Diversity Statement it is very apparent that you really mean it.

My personal philosophy is to respect people and not exclude them just because I might extremely disagree with some of their opinions or practices. Though I reserve the right to protect my own right to maintain my philosophy and practice my philosophy which means I might be in conflict with others sometimes who would like to see my rights taken away. (And of course this means I end-up not really agreeing with any significant set of people because, in my view, social bonding is reliant on group consensus and prejudices that would diminish another groups if permitted etc.)

Femi Olajiga


Claire Agutter



At our recent Service North conference we worked hard to build a diverse panel of speakers, and supported students from Leeds City College by using sponsored places to allow them to attend their first professional conference.

Barry Chandler


Enterprise Agility

Joe Turner





LAST Conference Brisbane

We join with LAST Conference Melbourne in valuing diversity and encourage everyone in our community to submit and participate in our event.




I only participate in conferences and events that support diversity, inclusion and social and economic justice.

John D. Hume

If I ever try to present at a conference again, I'll first be sure the organizers have managed to make it diverse. (If half the speakers look like me, that's probably failure.)

John Hundrieser



This is a great charter! We can all do more to help improve the population of diverse speakers by mentoring and growing more people to be able to (and willing to) speak at conferences.

Eduards Sizovs



I support diversity as a speaker, as well as the founder of DevTernity conference. The beauty of our world lies in the diversity of its people.


Sam Newman


Sam Newman & Associates

Helping to improve diversity of events by being involved in program committees.

Also when asked to speak at events vetting their commitment to creating a diverse event by looking at what they say, who has spoken at their events before, and other factors. If I don't think the commitment is there, I decline to speak. If they need help, I give them pointers, but decline to commit unless I see a real commitment to change.

Geert Liet



Lior Smith


Service Design Fringe Festival

We run an annual festival about service design that involves a varied programme of events over the course of 2 weeks. In our 3rd year last year, we found we had a good representation in the audience of all ethnicities apart from BME. This highlighted our need to focus on BME inclusion - not just within the festival, but within the wider service design industry too.

We don't run all male panels. Our hosts, speakers, volunteers, and team are diverse in terms of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and ability. Events are free to remove barriers to access. We're starting to track diversity data.

We are committed to learning and adapting with the times and as the festival & industry grows. We take a co-design approach in strategising and doing, which means we get diversity of insight in order to form our inclusion action - we're committed to diversity through and through. We're actively seeking cool new ways to try out to be inclusive - we want to make it fun. We go out of our way to be accessible. We're delighted to put our name under this charter.

Heather Taylor Portmann

Agile on the Beach


Agile on the Beach

Hello, We are a conference based in Cornwall UK and we are keen to actively promote greater diversity at our event. We have an open speaker submissions process and actively promote all to submit to speak, we welcome all to join us to attend, speak and engage at Agile on the Beach. Our key aim is to create a conference where all feel safe and welcome to attend and provide a great experience for all. We are keen to proactively create a conference that is welcoming and open to all and are always open to new ideas for how we can improve their engagement and experience. Cornwall has its own recognised minority status so we are keen to promote Cornish individuals, groups and organisations that represent this minority, as well as encourage and invite more diversity in our county through our conference.

Claire Eason-Bassett


Mackerel Sky Events

Encouraging involvement from all through programming, participation and planning.

Simon Brunning

Jacob Grantham



Ganesh Pandey


Airavat Labs




Hashmukh Kerai



Exactly what we need, diversity brings an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience from people you may not normally work or socialise with.

monica doliveira gama

Laura Bell


SafeStack Limited


Mark O'Neill


Department for Education

Commit to ensuring that all events provide a positive and welcoming space, properly support diversity amongst speakers and audience alike, and provide the opportunity and support for people to develop their skills and connect with a wider, diverse community. And embed this in our culture and the way we work.

Tania Allard


The University of Sheffield

being the diversity chair of the UK RSE 2017 conference

Jonathon Colman



Jessalin Lam

Jeremy Hill


OffGrid Sessions

Giles Turnbull

Kellye Coffyn


Digital Leeds

Richie Harrington


Digital Health Oxford

Digital Health Oxford will continue to support diversity in our events and activities, and offer a friendly and inclusive environment for all speakers and attendees to facilitate community building and the exchange of ideas.

Dan Beasley

I'm now looking at events to see they have diverse speakers / sessions.

John Vins


Agile New England

Tom Woundy



Richard Kasperowski

Rebecca Troth

Brian Durkin


World IA Day Boston

Joe Dollar-Smirnov


Red Badger

Melissa Caron



As a minority in HR in Tech, I am trying to find more ways to bring people together and create more inclusive internal events.

Vickie Gray

Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries

Thomas Ponnet



Lisa Crispin

For the past few years I have been doing all my conference sessions pairing with women who are new to presenting. It gives them confidence and experience, and having presented at a major conference already increases their chances of being accepted on their own to others. It has worked very well, my pairs have gone out and started successful presenting careers!

Viv Richards



We are working hard to get more diversity at our conference. We would love new speakers to take part and welcome attendees and speakers regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality or colour.

Matt Thornhill



Maxime Sanglan-Charlier


NewCrafts -

Trying our best to promote diversity of speakers in our event. We'll work harder to create a more inclusive place.

Giorgio Natili


Double Espresso

Liz Keogh


Lunivore Limited

I have requested Codes of Conduct to be added to two events I attend; I've spoken on diversity in panels; I'm a supporter of Katherine Kirk and Sallyann Freudenberg's work on neurodiversity, regularly pointing other people to it (and now you know about it too); and I have given my time to help new speakers polish their presentations. I'll continue to promote diversity as and when opportunities arise.

Shahina Patel



Continue to encourage and seek out speakers for our conference that are diverse and who may be otherwise underrepresented in our industry.

Sabrita Dale



David Anderson


Liberty IT

I will encourage a wider range of people in my org to speak at , facilitate and explore more diverse events & topics.

Rajesh Mathur


Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne

What will you do to make things better?
Will? We 'do' it! Both Australian Testing Days 2016 and the upcoming Quality Software Australia 2017 conferences are focused on fairness. TEAM (Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne) takes diversity seriously.

Bernie J Mitchell

From: / Engaging People

To continue to practice diversity in podcast guests and event panels / speakers 😉

michi tyson


agile attitude

great and very important initiative - diversity is about more than filling the female / disability quota, it's about leveraging what every single person can bring to the table. to do that successfully, we need to learn how to embrace, enable and manage the resulting conflict!




David Evans


Neuri Consulting

Encouraging and supporting the under-represented to speak at conferences

Rebecca Jones


Liverpool Girl Geeks

As co-founder of Liverpool Girl Geeks, diversity as at the heart of my hopes and dreams for the future. I'm passionate about embracing difference, embracing variety, embracing new perspectives.

Chelsea Slater


Liverpool Girl Geeks

As director of Liverpool Girl Geeks I will make sure that I will speak up about diversity where needed and make sure that all of our events will continue to be diverse

Pete Buckney


Co Made

Promote diversity in events I am involved in organising, like BDDX.
Promote diversity in organisations I am coaching and assisting.
Promote diversity in volunteer activities, e.g. Code Club.

R Jones


Scrum Event

We are promoting female speakers for the first 12 months at our new Agile event called Scrum Event.
We are always looking for more female Agile speakers.

John Kinson



Joanne Gillies



Sally Meecham

Challenge inequality, always

Alex Rose



Myriam Madden


NED, Strategic advisor

I am one of the first women presidents of a global professional accounting body.I have used that position to spotlight achievements of, and challenges for, women in business. and in the professional space. I am a skilled presenter and speaker and I am available to speak on business issues, gender pay gap and governance.

James Christie


We run an annual conference for digital designers that care about climate change and inclusion. Having a diverse line-up is crucial to us. We actively recruit for diversity.

Daniel Appelquist


Samsung Internet Developer Relations

We intend to support the charter both as an organization that sends people to speak at and participate in events and also as an event sponsor.

Craig Smith


YOW! Conference

Rick Stock


RS Digital Ltd

Josef Davies-Coates


The Open Co-op

We'll seek to have a diverse range of both speakers, workshop leaders and participants at and will endeavour to have 50/50 split of men/women on any panels. We're also looking into childcare/ creche options, are using an accessible venue, and 50% of tickets will be free or very affordable.

Dan North


Dan North & Associates Ltd

Coach and encourage people from underrepresented groups to speak at conferences. Make conference organisers aware when their speaker profile is looking homogeneous. Co-present with different people. As a track host actively promote diversity of speakers.

Louise sinclair



Aino Corry



Making track hosts spend more time to go out of their way to find diverse speakers

Nicolas Brown



Rosalyn Vaughan

Check the diversity of events before signing up to attend - and highlighting diversity gaps when I spot them

Maaret Pyhäjärvi



I organize a testing conference with a gender balance. I coach new speakers with emphasis on women, without excluding men who ask my help. I facilitate #TestGems as a webinar platform open for new speakers that offers support when needed. I speak personally a lot in conferences around the world.

Dan Brown



Erwin van der Koogh



As a speaker I refuse to speak at events that don't make an effort to include diverse people and opinions. Often I offer to help out reaching out to a more diverse set of speakers.
As an organiser I go out of my way to attract speakers if diverse backgrounds.

Gitte Klitgaard


Native Wired

As a speaker, I speak only at conferences with a Code of Conduct (which I believe helps diversity) and I work on becoming more aware of the different kinds of diversity and call out if I see lack of it.
As me I do my best to make everyone feel welcome and included; and safe.

Caroline Jarrett


Effortmark Ltd

Help out with the diversity group.

Colin Banno-Thornton



Cameron Spilman



Siobhan Ramsey


Sandbox Education

I am in an under represented group and work on issues of inclusion and equality across my professional and perosnal life Can you assist me to have a voice for the ' seldom heard' I believe the term has been used. I am currently a consultant to the Department of Health, The CQC and shortly the PSHO. I am working on a prototype and workshops in tech for children and young people in this group to build themselves and use to assist their access to technology and careers in technologies so their voices can be heard.

Robert Stirling


MoJ Digital

Jenni Moss


The Co-op

I'll share this charter with friends and colleagues and also work to ensure any events I'm involved in managing reflect these principles

Royd Brayshay



I want to make the events and communities I help organise more diverse but I recognise they have some way to go. Being explicit is a first step and I'm going to make sure we have our code of conduct and the Diversity Charter logo clearly on display. We try to encourage new speakers from our communities with shorter speaking slots and lightning talks that require less time investment and we also run regular speaker development workshops. But we need to keep finding ways to reach a more diverse crowd and ensure they feel comfortable however they participate.

Kornelia Szabo

Eddie Jaoude


We can make a difference! Diversity matters!



Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Barry Briggs


Northern User Experience

We strive to have an inclusive and diverse lineup of speakers at our conferences, our workshop events and out meetups, and in doing so hope to create a safe, welcoming, diverse and inclusive environment for attendees.

Iain Reddick


Iain Reddick

Nasrin Fazal



David Durant


Government Digital Service

Jeremy Gould


Government Digital Service

Anna Broadhurst

Embrace and encourage diversity.

Michael Fitzmaurice

shahina patel

I'm going to have a lot of noisy opinions about why diverse is better for everyone.

Andrew Greenway


Umfreville Consulting

Cui Yin Mok

James Arthur Cattell

Chris Young

Call out diversity as a cross cutting concern in events I am involved in organising.

Jason Caplin


Barnardo's / UK Government

We have a responsibility in our generation to improve the expectations of past generations, so that the next generation expects even more.

Tony Richards

I will actively seek out events which encourage and ivite contribution from diverse speakers and participants in preference to those unrepresentative of our diverse society.

Claire Ashcroft



Marta Fernandez

Daniel Santos


Future Everything

Gareth Bourne


Superstate -

Andy Skipper


Saccade Ltd

Dan Barrett


Parliamentary Digital Service

John Clapham



Dan Benton


Dogsbody Technology Ltd.

I will only attend or speak at events with a solid stance on diversity and who implement real actions to ensure better diversity.

Claire Thompson


Waves PR

1. Speak out when I see something wrong - address (gently) with the organisers
2. Make sure my own panels are diverse when organising things
3. Not soeak at 'undiverse' conferences

Zoe Gould



Volunteer to take part in more panels and conferences. Ensure any events I organise are as diverse as possible!

Jason Allan Scott


Hollywood Inc

I always use diversity in my policy of teams and think tanks to get different prospectives

Caitlin Kobrak

Ben Holliday

Rhodri Thomas


Leeds Beckett University

James Musgrave


Manchester Metropolitan University

Barbara Chicca

Stewart Birch

David N Atkinson

Tim Harbour


Wuthering Bytes

At Wuthering Bytes we try to create events with a wide diversity of speakers and opinions in a welcoming environment for everybody, we'll continue to do that. We'll also set out a clear code of conduct for our events and we'll give out free/discounted tickets to groups that are under-represented in the technology sector.

In our opinion, all events should be as accessible, diverse, friendly, inclusive and welcoming as possible and we're working towards that.

Kit Collingwood


Department for Work and Pensions

I will only speak at events which have diversity in their speakers and panelists, and ensure this happens where I work. I will challenge elsewhere when this isn't happening.

Dan Young



Only sponsoring or speaking at events which clearly have values that support diversity. Challenging the diversity of panel discussions and striving to find diverse groups of panelists myself.

Anna-Marie Devaney



Brian Corcoran


Turing Festival

Turing Festival is a technology business event in Edinburgh and, as such, we feel it has a responsibility to attempt to achieve gender and ethnic diversity amongst our speakers. The technology industry has a poor track record in this area, and we believe that each of us within that industry should play our part, however small, in improving this situation.
At Turing Festival 2016, 48% of our speakers will be female, and we will also have several speakers from ethnic minorities. We have not compromised on quality on order to achieve this: it is really not that hard to do.

Gail Lyon



Peter Read

Andy Piper




Talk about this charter in public
Encourage people to sign it
Make sure dot everyone events reflect it

Constance Fleuriot


Women's Tech Hub

Working as Women's Tech Hub ~ Bristol to increase diversity at events & conferences in Bristol & SW - it can be as simple as changing the words & images used in the calls for papers/speakers. Similarly working on helping local tech companies with job adverts.

Emer Coleman


Disruption Ltd

When I'm asked to speak at conferences or events explore in advance with the conference organizers how diverse the speakers are and where there is a clear lack of diversity decline invitations