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Thank you for showing your commitment to diversity at events, now it’s up to you to make a difference by making a stand and challenging where others won’t.

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I signed the diversity charter to show my commitment to greater diversity at events. Sign up at #betterdiversity

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Rachelle Harvey


Infosys Consulting

Encouraging psychological safety, inclusion, and demonstrating from my own transgender journey that anything is possible and helping all I encounter to build self and to realise their value. I am also on the board / panel for diversity and inclusion at Infosys Consulting.

Toby V. Rao


Tora Solutions LLC

Diversity and Inclusion should not be a question of choice. It should be a given. But it is seldom that way. As a community organizer, speaker, trainer, and coach I will do everything in my capacity to withhold the values of Diversity and Inclusion!

David Kinsella



Nurturing diversity, nurtures progress. Denying diversity leads to progress atrophy, and society is forever poorer for the denial.
Respect everyone for their goodness and uniqueness, and challenge everyone to be their best selves - for others.

Sabine Harnau


From Scratch Communications

As a speaker, I will approach each event with a mindset of humble enquiry about the speaker community and the topics presented: who's present, who's absent? Knowing that some forms of diversity may be invisible, I will raise the topic and invite others to think about potential barriers for underprivileged speakers.

Dan Ashby

Joan-Llorenç ALBA


Valuo Desarrollo

I facilitate teams and business to achieve the best products ever. Not only the results but how we get there is relevant. In this endeavour, we all discover and learn from other team members, and grow personally as well as in our relationship being a team.
I founded and learnt working with people the need to have very diverse people, roles and cultures in the team. Many years working in multicultural environments like United Nations, have provided me the essence to be a diversity agent.

Anneke Schoonjans



We have a values page on our website where we post all our efforts and we continuesly try to improve.

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