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I signed the diversity charter to show my commitment to greater diversity at events. Sign up at #betterdiversity

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Richard Eskins


Web Teaching Day

Web Teaching Day is a small event for those teaching web design and development. We aim to respect and involve all voices either speaking or attending the event to ensure diversity.

Tarja Chydenius


Laurea UAS

Develop strategic Diversity management and inclusion at our University of Applied Sciences

Jessica Meade



Sadly race tends to be brushed under the carpet when it comes to diversity. Research proves that ethnic minorities, primarily from BME communities, are grossly under represented in most sectors. We aim to address this under representation, due to negative perceptions, by educating companies in the benefits of multicultural work-teams and by creating awareness. We do this through our events, business briefings and bespoke workshops. Talent has no bias and our BME cultural diversity expert practitioners, leading research academics and BME Network building Specialists are passionate about everyone having a fair chance and helping those with the least help. Thank you for this Charter. Contact us on




Jessica Brillhart


Vrai Pictures

We believe that the medium of immersive should be diverse and inclusive. We pledge to uphold this belief not only in practice ourselves but through all events, conferences, and festivals that invite us to participate.

jamie leonard



We're working hard to make sure our events have diverse speakers. It's a journey.

Gemma Edwards



Integrating Diversity charter and code of conduct to our Canalys events

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