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Sophie Arscot


Start Together Studio

I am interested in understanding and promoting Diversity within the music industry, live events, and recording/music production industry that I work in.

Loimar Vianna

Furkan Karayel


Gemma Al-Kaisy


Hargreaves Lansdown

Mahesh Krshnan

Steve Pereira and the DevOps Days Toronto Organizing Team


DevOps Ltd.

DevOps Days Toronto is committed to including diverse and underrepresented voices at our annual conference. We do our absolute best to reach out to communities, representatives and members of underrepresented demographics to include them and invite them to join us.

Each year we personally invite underrepresented voices to speak and submit talks to our CFP, as well as providing support and guidance to new voices in the form of CFP workshops and coaching.

Our organizing team and volunteers is carefully chosen to be diverse and inclusive, to ensure we have ideas and participation from a broad spectrum of experiences and backgrounds. We appoint a diversity, outreach and inclusion representative each year to hold us accountable to the highest standards.

We ensure our selected program reflects the diversity and representation we wish to see in our participants. We have a clear and strict code of conduct specifically acknowledged by all involved in the conference, whether they are organizing, speaking, attending or sponsoring.

In order to make as many participants feel welcome and comfortable we offer our speakers:
- Travel and accommodation support for out-of-town speakers
- Childcare or financial assistance that would help with the time obligation
- Free tickets for partners
- Speaker coaching available to assist with material, delivery or practice
- All meals, receptions and activities included at no cost
- Comfy, well equipped and quiet private speaker lounge
- Accessibility accommodations

We choose accessible and well equipped venues and work to ensure everyone who wishes to attend or speak can easily do so. We offer free tickets to underrepresented individuals to ensure everyone who wishes to attend can do so.

A portion of our proceeds is donated back to local Toronto diversity initiatives to support their efforts. We connect with diversity, equity and inclusive groups as community sponsors to share their work and presence with our audience.

We remain open to ideas and iteration on all of our efforts to continuously improve!

Sarah T. P. Andiel



We provide Debate Trainings to raise awareness for diversity

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