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Owen Blacker

Chris Roberts


Nimble Approach

Actively spread the word about this worthy topic and also champion it at the Agile Sheffield MeetUp that I co-host.

Silvia Hernández



David Mann



Ben Terrett


Co-op Digital

I will encourage others to sign up.

Andrew Besford


Department for Work & Pensions

Kevin Cunnington


Business Transformation Group, Department for Work & Pensions

Anke Holst

I encourage diversity by pointing other new speakers to the excellent public speaking MOOC I've taken a few times now.

mike bracken


Co-op Digital

I'll point at them when we've done them.

Alyson Atkinson



Margaret Gold


Over the Air

At Over the Air we make a concerted effort each year to reach out to communities of people who are typically under-represented at technology events, especially Hack Days.

We are quite proud of our consistent achievement of at least 40% representation of women amongst both participants and speakers.

But we also care about other aspects of diversity, particularly people of colour, people of different faiths, and people in the LGBT community. We are not resting on our laurels, and want to continue to get better at this by reaching out to dedicated groups, and posting event details in as many mediums as possible.

It's also worth mentioning that we make the event accessible to younger people as well, not only inviting students and recent graduates to join us as participants, but also offering 'Coding for Kids' workshops on the Saturday morning of our event. Our event is kid friendly throughout.

Elsa Bartley

Russell Gardener



As an individual I will strive to ensure that my thoughts, speech and actions encourage inclusivity and diversity.

Eric Thelin

Helen Lisowski



Encourage people I work with day to day, who may not think of submitting to a conference, to do so. More voices, experiences and stories make for a more interesting environment for everyone.

Matt Powell

Chris Jones

Alan de Ste Croix

Peter Walen

Jose Diaz c/o Diaz & Hilterscheid GmbH


Agile Testing Days (worldwide)

We promote diversity since our first conference in 2009. We fight to get more diversity in our conferences and encourage anyone to be part of it. We are open and support any speaker and attende to be part of it despite the gender, sexual orientatiton, religion, nationality or colour. We love people and accept like they are.

We strongly support the European Charter for Equality.

nishita dewan

Alyssa Ordu

James Scrimshire


Agile Cymru

Nicholas Hemley



* Promote female attendance at our events to attain a better #genderbalance
* Promote female speakers at both meetups and conference
* Promote female comperes at all our events

audrey ang



Include speakers from different markets and from different industries.

Raven Chai


UX Consulting Pte Ltd / UXSG Community

111 Middle Road
National Design Centre, #03-07
Singapore 188969

Ruth Yarnit


White October Events Ltd

As conference organisers, we have a large part to play in contributing to a more diverse tech industry – from who we select to appear on our stages, to the audiences we attract. We are committed to making all our events as accessible and inclusive as possible, to encourage participation from a diverse range of speakers and attendees. Our actions in this area include (but are not limited to): having and enforcing an appropriate Code of Conduct at every event; selecting wheelchair accessible venues and putting additional accessibility measures in place where possible, such as live-captioning; and running Scholarship Schemes for our conferences, open to individuals from underrepresented groups in tech or those facing economic and social hardship. We strongly believe a more diverse industry is a stronger and more interesting one, and we're signing the Diversity Charter to publicly demonstrate our commitment in this area.

Sophie Curtis



Neil Casey



Huge advocate! ThoughtWorks started 'XConf' for this very reason

Chris Thompson

Challenge organisers where an event is lacking diversity. Actively encourage and support local event organisers to provide greater diversity through the speakers and contributors they engage with.

Lasairfhiona Lawless

Jenni Lloyd



Ensure diversity in speaker selections for any events I organise.
Influence organisers of events I participate in to ensure diversity.
Not take part in events where diversity is not a consideration.

June Angelides


Mums in Technology

We will ensure that women have equal access to learning opportunities that work around their schedules and families.

Margaret Gold


Over the Air

We've prided ourselves on having an excellent gender balance at Over the Air - both amongst Keynote speakers and Workshop speakers. But we know we've got far to go still on other areas of diversity - we commit to continuing our efforts to reach out to all under-represented communities in tech.

Ed Wong


Last Conference

We value diversity and encourage everyone in our community to submit and participate in our event.

Valerie MacEwan


The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

I will work tirelessly to replace our state legislature (NC, USA) and repeal House Bill 2. If you are not of this swampland, read about our disgrace. It's shameful. This whole idea of a Diversity Charter really hits home here ... thank you.

Raghavendra (Raghav) Mithare


ProcessWhirl Consulting

1. Observe 2. Encourage 3. Participate

Ben Welby


Government Digital Service

Oli Weighell


Home Office

Andrew Travers


The Co-op

John Le Drew


Wise Noodles

Paul Edwards


Equal Experts

Richard Joseph



Invite a mix of people to speak at Agile Sheffield, encourage everyone to get involved!

James Stewart


Government Digital Service

I won't take part in all-male panels, I'll ask event organisers at events I'm invited to about what they're doing to ensure an inclusive event, and will share opportunities with others from my team and beyond.

Holly Davis



As a team we will champion diversity in our meetups and ensure that our events are as inclusive as possible. We will decline attending and speaking at events where diversity is lacking.

Esko Reinikainen


The Satori Lab

Philiy Lander

Iain Patterson


Government Digital Services - Common Technology Services

As a team we will be ambassadors and advocates of diversity
Demonstrate by our actions, the benefits of diversity in our work and behaviours
Ensure all have an equal voice and opportunity to use it
Proactively challenge where diversity is lacking, assisting to change where possible

Felicity Singleton


Government Digital Service

I will not speak at any event that doesn't feature a diverse panel, and will help support colleagues in my organisation to take up opportunities to speak and share their expertise at events.

Roberto Arias Alegria


Metaluxo IT Security

I will not attend all-male panels and contact the organisers to let them know, so they can improve this on their next events.

Lauren Currie



I will spread the idea of #upfront to increase the lack of diversity on stages around the world.

Gemma Lord



As I grow within my design career I will always encourage diversity, both within the studio and in places where designers engage with the public, such as at events. As a female designer I will actively encourage women into design opportunities at all levels.

Isa Notermans



Wale Ogundipe

Joe Wright

It's easy to get speakers from the majority group for meet-ups and conferences. I'm going strive for 50/50 at all my future events. I'll do this by building a more diverse network of folk then I have now.

Meri Williams

Continue to only speak at & attend conferences with good, published & promoted Codes of Conduct, and help to make events I'm a part of diverse and representative.

Russell Garner


Zephyros Systems Ltd

Cara Turner


Project codeX

We contribute actively to increasing diversity in the software industry, through our agile developer program training new developers from mostly under-represented groups (ethnic & gender). We equip new coders with the skills they need to contribute to the industry and the software community. As a conference organizer, speaker & (once off) keynote, I commit to holding conference organisers accountable for building diversity into their planning, and offer advice & assistance to interested organizers.

Chris McDermott


Lean Agile Scotland

I believe that we should always work hard to improve the diversity of our events to ensure they are representative of society. That they meet the needs of our audience, speakers, communities and society as a whole. We should always strive to create events that are safe, caring and welcoming spaces for everyone to grow in and enjoy.

Sal Freudenberg

I am a neurodiversity advocate.

I speak about the need for neurodiversity in tech and how to support it.

Matt Wynne



We organise the CukeUp conference in London each year, and have also held it in New York and Sydney. We're lucky that the community surrounding Cucumber and BDD is already fairly diverse, and we're committed to engaging in pro-active effort to make sure that diversity is also reflected in the speakers and workshop facilitators who help create the event with us.

Concrete things we do:
- talk about this problem on our podcast (episode to be published soon)
- ensure that women outnumber men on our programme committee
- have lightning talks in the CfP (with full speaker compensation)
- have lightning talk slots you can sign up for on the day
- offer slots on our programme
- reach out to our networks and make it explicit that we're looking for submissions from a diverse range of people
- score all our CfP submissions blind

Things we want to try or do:
- offering childcare at our events
- sponsored diversity programme
- offer better support through the CfP process and generally make it more friendly

What's the opposite of diversity? Uniformity. Sounds boring to me.

Will Dayble


Fitzroy Academy

We are doing diversity stuff for every organisation I'm involved with.

Janet Gunter


The Restart Project

We will ask every event organiser what they are doing to guarantee diversity - telling them we have signed up to this Charter. And we will adhere to this Charter when organising our own.

Alex Holmes


Government Digital Service (GDS)

Vernon Richards

Dave Grant


South Wales Agile Group

We will commit to supporting diversity at future South Wales Agile Group events by appealing for speakers from diverse backgrounds, requiring speakers to deliver talks in an inclusive voice and seeking out avenues to encourage a more diverse membership.

UX Oxford team


UX Oxford

UX Oxford fully supports diversity at events. We will continue to seek diverse line ups of speakers, continue to provide a safe and friendly place to speak at and encourage new speakers from different backgrounds to give their first talk at our events.

Robert Weir


Missouri School of Journalism

Sonia Turcotte


Government Digital Service (GDS)

Simon Brunning


M&S Digital

Janet Hughes


Government Digital Service (GDS)

I will only speak at events where there is a diverse range of speakers, and apply the same rule to everyone in my team (as per the new GDS policy on diversity at conferences).

I will offer to coach and mentor women who want to get more confident speaking at events.

I will put forward others instead of me to speak at events, to give more people the opportunity to get experience of speaking.

Chris Ferguson


Cabinet Office

Diana Hervas Castillo

Anjuan Simmons


Jannua LLC

I will help the industry understand that diversity is not just gender diversity. Creating events full of straight weight women speakers is a necessary but not sufficient step toward diverse tech events. I will also, as a person of color, speak at more tech events and help event organizers find diverse speakers. I will also continue to write about making tech events safe for diverse attendees:

Darren McCormac


UK Civil Service

Paul Schofield



Joseph Fox



Helmuth Breitenfellner


droidcon Vienna

Anonymous proposals review to reduce unconscious bias
Call-outs to women in tech for the call for speakers
Diversity tickets (to be announced soon)
Code of Conduct
... still a lot of learning how to improve, I know these are only baby steps.

Madeleine Neumann


RuhrJS Conference

Kelly Dibbert


Wired Sussex

Belinda Waldock


Sunil P

Pinkier marketing ;p and put all the rich, old, fat white men to pasture

Cristiano Rastelli


Codemotion Advisory Board

Fianna Hornby


Ladies That UX

We dedicate a space for women looking to make their first steps into speaking at events

Séamus Byrne


Graphic Mint

Mike Ritchie

Kevin Murray



Cassie Robinson


The Point People

Neil Dickinson

I fully support this Charter. I will make a point to an event organiser if there is lack of diversity at their event.

Julie Hendry

Keep being me and challenging inequality where I find it

The whole team at Software Acumen


Software Acumen

We care about diversity becoming the norm rather than the goal. Welcoming, inclusive, safe, enjoyable should be what people can just expect. We want that to become the easy path. This is important to really creating great experiences - learning experiences, social experiences, professional experiences.




Alex Florescu

Clare Sudbery


Pawel Kaminski



Craig Strong


Agile Practitioners London

This is such a powerful and practical way to improve diversity; a key ingredient to innovation, improvement and success in everything we do. We fully support this Charter and will actively embrace this into our community culture, setup and structure.

Milan Bogunovic


Home Office

Luis Ramos

Prof. Jeff Sonstein

We waste half our talent when we have non-diverse events. I pledge to work to end this foolishness.

Daniel Appelquist

I have and will continue to work to make the events that I produce as diverse as possible and ensure that events I speak at or participate in are as diverse as possible.

Andrew Walker


Front-end London

We will try to include a more diverse lineup at each of our monthly events to ensure that we are hearing from a wider range of backgrounds. We will seek out opportunities to provide greater access to a more diverse audience.

Kati Russell


Play in Progress/The GirlHood

Not speak until more diverse speakers are spoken to.

Simon Wilson

Mike Laurie

Francesco Frison



Matt Edgar

Zan Markan

Romain Piel



Charlotte Hillenbrand


Made by Many

Put forward female colleagues for speaking opportunities. Choose to send employees to events that actively promote diverse panels, keynote speakers and audiences.

Amy Wagner


Wagner Ventures

No excuses.

Jeff Carter


UNB Libraries

Diversity scholarships at our conference

Stephen Foreshew-Cain


Government Digital Service (GDS)

Neil Robertson

Radhika Rangaraju



Sabine allaeys


Flow C.m.M

Baldur Bjarnason

Sarah Prag

Coca Rivas


UK home office

I'll do all I can to promote this charter!

Chris Cummings

Derek Graham

Simon Starr


Bath Ruby Conference

Mike Bibby

Shreya Parekh


iWeUs Ltd

Make a point to an event organiser if there is lack of diversity at their event, and to be kept updated on improvements if any.

Lewis Mckale

Naveed R. Parvez



Jiten Vara


Agile And Lean Limited

Share this charter with my colleagues. A lack of diversity inhibits creativity, therefore we should be doing what we can to make our events more inclusive

Jeremy Keith



Kelvin Newman



Tes Macpherson



Chandreyi Saha


Harrow Carers

Making London a better place to live. #WomenInTech

Ingrid Plum



James Governor



I will keep making an effort.

Camilla Reeve


Palewell Press - publishing books on human rights and the environment

I organise book launches and poetry events. I will work to ensure my events are comfortable to attend for both performers and audience and well supported by assistive technology

Chris T-T


Lo Fi Arts

Jane Austin


Daily Telegraph

Tracy Green

Andy Bold


120 Technology Ltd

Camille Norris

Nicola Smith



Tenzin Kunkey


Tibet Watch

Craig Nicol

Maxine Paintain



Rahme ibrahim

Kate Bruckshaw



Adam Maddison


Government Digital Service (GDS)

Only speak at events where diversity is actively promoted. Only run events where diversity is ingrained.

Judith Sloane


Conference Cambridge

We don't organise many events ourselves (we're mainly venue-finders) but we are happy to support the charter and help where we can.

James Abley


Marks & Spencer Digital

- Encourage event organisers to consider diversity
- Refuse to speak at events which don't have a policy
- Help people that don't enjoy my privilege to attend events / submit talks

Martin Burns


SAFe Leadership Retreat

1) Actively seek increasingly diverse groups and individuals to participate in both Retreat and its organisation, specifically aiming for a majority of women on the organising group

2) Publish and enforce a code of conduct based on the Geek Feminism/Ada Initiative exemplar

3) Actively invite women to lead sessions at the retreat

Simon Powers


Adventures with Agile

At AWA we have overcome many of the hurdles mentioned in the charter. However, there is always more we can do and having a specific charter we can refer to, and hopefully contribute to as we learn more, will help us be more conscious of diversity.

Great work, Emily!

Isobel Croot


Citizens Advice

James Johnson



Rachel Coldicutt



Vini Bance



Speak at school events to help asian women understand that they can be a woman and work in technology or event be a CEO of a company.

Ingrid Spencer


Linden Primary School

Through WomenEd support more women to develop their own leadership especially BME women

Craig Parkinson

Kathryn Morgan


Coleshill Heath School

Go in search of the views and opinions of people from a broad spectrum of demographic and philosophical backgrounds, knowing that there is strength in our differences.

Ethar Alali



Diversity issues are natural blockers to innovation. Not everyone can be their own role model and within the context of the current socio-political climate, there is the risk of turning off some of the best contributors and role models people can get and even the unconscious risk of hiding homophilous and even prejudicial experiences under the justification of 'culture fit', which ruins the true meaning of that term. It is a massive problem in so many ways, not least that each diversity problem that is badly understood closes the market by that level of representation. It's not about positive discrimination. It's about giving those just as good or even better a fair platform to rightfully deliver the message they can convey. For us, this means seeking out the contributions that matter and tackling this problem head on.

David Igoe



Bukky Yusuf



Participate in events. Write your blogs. We all have something to share.

John Waterworth


Usable Insights

Don't attend events that aren't working to improve diversity

Anna-Jayne Metcalfe


Riverblade Ltd

Speaking up and being as visible as I can be at tech events, on Twitter etc.

Jalpa Ruparelia



Ros Farrell


Educate Together

S Choudry

Hannah Wilson


Harris Federation TSA

I have started a speakers directory for our 35 academies and QA all of our conferences

Hannah Wilson



We are raising confidence and profile of female speakers

Nasima Riazat


Teacher and researcher

Ensure diversity is a key part of all projects, both as a teacher and as a researcher.

Joe Lanman


Government Digital Service (GDS)

Try to listen more to minority voices around me and help them be heard more widely.

Wes Mason

I will only attend or speak at events with a solid stance on diversity and who implement real actions to ensure better diversity.

As a professional I will call out when my employer is not doing everything they can to ensure better diversity both in the organisation and at events organised by the company.

Zara Farrar


Government Digital Service (GDS)

We're committed to diversity at all events that we run. As well as making sure we send a diverse mix of speakers to talk at events and putting pressure on organisers to host more diverse conferences.

Morag McFadyen



Wendy Coello


Government Digital Service (GDS)

This is a great charter. I am signing up because it reflects my own principles and those of the organisation I work for. We recently made a public pledge on diversity at events. We will honour that commitment and I will ensure we apply the same or higher standards to ourselves.

dawn alderson



I will continue to practice across my career with respect for inclusive approaches that value the voices of all and not the few whom inform grand narratives.

John Corcoran



I will try to make everyone feel welcome and included.

Rifa Thorpe-Tracey


SheSays Brighton

Event organisers need to spend more time encouraging women to speak to avoid them dropping out due to:
-Lack of confidence in their talk
-being on their own at the event
-travelling and staying in a place on their own
-the reaction from the audience
-will the organisers support and encourage them
-will there be other women there
-will they have backup if there are negative reactions online or in person
Etc etc

Andi Studer

Stephen Oakman

Pascale Vassie



In conferences and events about education I notice that the audience is hardly ever representative of the pupils in GB education, only of the headteachers and management. This is so wrong and must change.

Oliver Turner



Host more events for the amazing organisations trying to actually solve the lack of diversity in the Tech industry by bringing people from a greater range of backgrounds into it (e.g. Codebar, Achieving Diversity in Technology, Women Who Code, etc.).

Alex Jackson

Ross Morrison McGill



Write and share blog posts

Diane Leedham



Currently working with organisations and groups to capture accurate self ascribed data about attendance and presenters at events and in publishing. For example Very embryonic and exploratory - a journey not a destination. Aim to interrogate networks and communications for diversity and 'reach' and consult to plan next steps. The diagram in Emily's blog is really useful. Thanks!

Anthony Green


Labour Party

Craig Strong

Simon Everest


Government Digital Service (GDS)

Alastair Smith

Sharon O'Dea

I will ensure that any event I organise reflects these principles, and I will explicitly check events I speak at or attend is taking steps to address diversity before signing up.

Hilary Stephenson



Review our speaker curation for Camp Digital and focus on diversity and inclusion for any smaller events. We will also encourage a more diverse contribution to tech design and UX industry events from our own team, through mentoring those who are keen to speak but haven't yet had the opportunity.

Sharon Dale

Matt Stibbs



Raimon Lapuente


CMD+U Conference

I'm organising a conference and would be great for you to create a logo we can reuse on conference website and to give advice on how we can make safe and diverse for everyone.
posting codes of conduct or diversity manifesto that attendees can read and follow.
I'll teach you directly when I need that material 🙂

Jamie Cobbett

Matt Jukes

Mark O'Neill

I will ensure that any panel I run or sit on reflects these principles and I will challenge any panel/event that fails to address them

Helen Mott

David Lowe


Scrum & Kanban

Try to help everyone (who wants to be involved) have a chance to speak up.

Anne Currie


Microscaling Systems

I'm glad to see that this charter reflects general diversity not merely gender. To me a diverse workforce is inclusive of people with disabilities, illness, age, caring responsibilities as well as minority (in tech!) genders and races. At the moment the debate is seemingly in its infancy. It is clearly rather silly to discriminate based on relatively superficial characteristics like race or gender. A more challenging debate is around where diversity impacts a significant aspect of productivity, for example employee flexibility or availability, and may replace it with a less well-defined benefit like better perspective. In technology, where we have a chronic shortage of good technical folk and excellent individuals can make a big difference, we have the opportunity and the motivation to ensure we get the best out of everyone with technical skills. The debate is do we also have the responsibility?

Elle Moss


Drew London

Speak at an event!

Michelle Bartholomew



Chris Raettig

Aino Corry



Matthew Skelton


Skelton Thatcher Consulting / PIPELINE Conference

I will expand and better highlight diversity for conferences I run, and I'll explicitly check for diversity efforts for conferences/panels that I am asked to speak at. Great initiative!

Agile in Leeds

We support diversity through the speakers we book, we believe this encourages a more diverse audience.

Stephen Walker


Drew London Ltd.

Cara Bermingham



I'm committed to the discussion about event diversity and questioning why people won't make the effort to make their conferences more diverse. It truly benefits everyone to hear from different voices.

Emily Webber


Tacit / Agile on the Bench / Agile in Leeds

I fully support this and will make sure events I organise are diverse and only speak at events that are diverse.