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Nazlie Shahmir



Pankaj Kamthan


Concordia University

Teach Topics with Motivating Examples on Diversity
Support Diversity of Members in Team Projects
Publish Papers Advocating Diversity

John Clopton

Guy Brandon



Sinead Jack


Gem Cable Solutions Ltd

Sharon Vincuilla


human canine collaborative

I am committed to creating more inclusive environments by:
- providing low-cost and sliding scale options for my services
- educating myself about systemic racism in formal and informal ways
- developing services that are relevant and accessible to diverse communities
- implementing a non-tolerance policy within my services for behavior that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, bullying, dominant, punitive, or otherwise hateful or harmful
- establishing an ongoing lifestyle practice of consent to reduce harm and increase accountability in how I interact with others
- designing services the include closed captioning, recording, sensory adjustments, and by creating clear and welcome procedures for requesting accommodations
- openly acknowledging the power dynamic between myself and others to empower participants to say "no" to me
- including an accountability page on my website to make it easy for people to give me feedback and address harm
- engaging in formal diversity/equity/inclusion/justice business building
- partnering with diverse professionals who share my values for public events and projects

Ross Musgrove



We're working with local organisations - including You Make It (https://www.you-make-it.org/) and Hackney Council to help local people from varied backgrounds of all ages with employability. Our first full time permanent employee is a person that worked with us through You Make It's work placement programme. We're also in the process of starting our own digital skills development programme, working with local people that want experience in our industry to deliver a project for Hackney Empire.