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Dan Ashby

Joan-Llorenç ALBA


Valuo Desarrollo

I facilitate teams and business to achieve the best products ever. Not only the results but how we get there is relevant. In this endeavour, we all discover and learn from other team members, and grow personally as well as in our relationship being a team.
I founded and learnt working with people the need to have very diverse people, roles and cultures in the team. Many years working in multicultural environments like United Nations, have provided me the essence to be a diversity agent.

Anneke Schoonjans



We have a values page on our website where we post all our efforts and we continuesly try to improve. https://eventsourcing.live/2021/diversity

George F. Simons



We deliver games on culture, diversity and inclusion and are conducting regular online open gamified meetings as well as conference events that discuss diversity and cultural issues and connect people for collaboration and synergy.



DevOpsDays Zürich

At DevOpsDays Zürich we don't want to be a tech-Conference only -- instead we want to be a conference focusing on knowledge, networking and a connecting atmospheric vibe, welcoming a range of backgrounds, experiences and opinions. We dedicate a considerable amount of time and passion to improve continuously and are happy to welcome you at the conference and see for yourself.

Carola Frisch


Frisch Search

I champion diversity and inclusion through Modern Leadership https://modernleadership.net/ – a platform I have created to build a community of progressively minded established and emerging leaders and leadership experts.
Modern Leadership is teaching us how leadership is changing, recognising the growing importance of human values-led leadership, especially with regard to diversity and inclusion, sustainability, social justice, workplace change and business transformation.

Angela Chen



Having been bullied viciously for my race when I was in high school by white teachers and students, I am keen to do my part to stop racism and bullying. Solidarity with the BAME community.