GDS and gender diversity at conferences and events

“There is a gender diversity problem in the digital industry. There are still many more men employed in it than there are women, a problem that’s made (and looks) even worse at the conferences and events we host and attend. Too often, the speakers on stage at those events are mostly, sometimes even entirely, male. That has to change.”

6 steps for planning a diverse conference

The Net Impact Conference is the premier gathering of students and professionals who are committed to making a lasting social and environmental impact now and for a lifetime. Here is how their conference director Jessica Fleuti approaches diversity.

Increasing diversity at your conference

Ashe Dryden’s comprehensive blog on how to increase diversity at conferences. With a fantastic list explaining what diversity means.

How I Got 50% Women Speakers at My Tech Conference

Guest blogger Courtney Stanton explains how she organized a game developer conference with 50% women speakers on Geek feminism.